Mushroom Enhanced Coffee+

Struggling to focus? Functional mushrooms offer a natural solution, boosting brainpower and enhancing focus without the jittery side effects of caffeine. Experience clear thinking and sustained energy, making it easier to focus and get tasks done. Join others finding focus the natural way. Try it now!

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30 Servings / $1 Per Serving. 
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  • 3 Times The Energy With 80% Less Caffeine.

  • Energy that Lasts All Day

  • No Stomach Pains

  • No Anxiety or Jitters


What Our Customers Say?

“As someone who had to give up coffee because of stomach issues and anxiety, discovering this alternative was a game changer... I get to enjoy that rich coffee aroma and taste again, but without any of the downsides. Seriously, if you miss coffee, you need to try this."

Joshua K

Stop Playing A Losing Game.


Stop Playing A Losing Game.

Look… 60% of people claim to experience some sort of problem when it comes to drinking coffee. Stomach aches. Anxiety. Headaches. Or, just an overall bad feeling after drinking it. 

We used to feel that way too...

But what if you could have more energy without any of those problems? The problem with the coffee you currently drink is that it activates the fight or flight response. 

This leads to you feeling more exhausted and agitated once it wears off. Add in the extreme acidity found in most coffees and you can see why the majority of people have such negative reactions.. 

We’re Different — Our Mushroom Enhanced Coffee+ works by:

  • Adding a protective layer to your stomach lining to ensure you feel great.
  • Increasing the number of amino acids that help reduce stress naturally.
  • Decreasing the amount of hard caffeine intake.

The Magic Inside

Lions Mane
This is your Brain Builder. A natural ingredient that has been used for thousands of years to improve cognitive function and reduce the distractions around you.
This protects and fuels your brain and body. Although you won't taste it, you will feel its effects. It repairs your stomach lining and provides your body with 5g of clean protein
This is how you get 3 times the energy with only 20% of the caffeine. It is used worldwide as a coffee substitute and Provides clean energy without crashes, while also reducing inflammation.
L-Theanine (Green Tea Extract)
This flavorless element is what keeps you from entering fight or flight mode. It keeps the jitters and anxiety away leaving you with just clear focus. 
Organic Coffee
Arabica Coffee that tastes great and makes you feel even better now. You can finally drink coffee with all of the good, and none of the bad! 

It’s Stupid Simple!

15 seconds is all it takes to have your perfect hot or iced coffee. There is a huge misconception that all instant coffee is bad, so we spent years in Latin America proving this wrong.  

Our coffee tastes better than a french pressed coffee and is 50x faster. 

Don’t believe it? 
Then Try Our Coffee — Risk Free!

It’s Stupid Simple!


Pour It


Mix It


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Can Your Coffee Do This?

Title Title Title Title
No Anxiety or Jitters 
Reduces Stomach Pain and Bloating
Calm and Focused Energy
Fully Body and Brain Support
Tastes Like Coffee 
Habitual Herbs
Other Coffee

Stop Compromising For Your Cup Of Coffee

Put Your Health First With Our Mushroom Enhanced Coffee
  • Reduce Bloating & Inflammation

  • Stop Jitters and Anxiety

  • Enhance Cognitive Function

Your gut controls your overall health so take the first step in healing it today. 

Stop Compromising For Your Cup Of Coffee